Kalaya Naturals has been trusted by Canadians for over ten years. Providing solutions and therapies for a wide range of skin & body care issues, each Kalaya Naturals product is extensively researched, tested, and proven before being released on the market. A medically directed brand, Kalaya Naturals maintains the highest standards for quality and efficacy, as we care about our customers. Every Kalaya Naturals maintains a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


Our products target specific skin & body issues, providing real results. Our products work, guaranteed. With careful analysis, research, and development through our medical team, each product is medically designed to provide treatment and relief to common skin & body issues that Canadians face on a daily basis. Kalaya Naturals products are Canada’s best kept secret, and the solution you have been waiting for!


Our products are safe, natural formulations, extensively researched and tested to ensure maximum efficacy. We believe that nature offers an abundant amount of safe and effective alternatives to many skin & body therapies, and Kalaya Naturals employs a scientific approach to our product development process to ensure our products contain only the most efficacious ingredients. Working with Sederma labs in France, Kalaya Naturals has access to the most technologically advanced formulations, which we use at precise concentrations. All products are paraben-free, sulphate-free, and never tested on animals.


Every Kalaya product is researched, formulated, and tested by our medical team, headed by renowned cosmetic physican, Dr. Keith Burk, MD and award winning compounding pharmacist, Phil Hudson, BPharm. Both Dr. Burk and Phil Hudson care for patients on a daily basis, and understand the skin & body related issues people face. Through their vast medical experience and knowledge, they know exactly how to effectively treat these issues, and wanted to create a brand that offered easily accessible and effective treatments and solutions for the problems they witness every day. This is how Kalaya Naturals was born. All of the Kalaya Naturals products have achieved the highest rating in efficacy, trust, and customer satisfaction.


Kalaya is a 100% Canadian brand. Research, development, and the manufacturing process take place in Waterloo, ON. We feel Canadians have particular skin & body care needs that are unique to this climate, and our products reflect that to specifically address these needs.